Call Center Chooses Glass

Vixtel, an Australian based IP Telephony provider has chosen Glass 1000 phones as part of an IP PBX solution developed for a client with an 80 seat call centre.

By implementing a web based supervisor and user console displayed on the Glass phone, the client experienced dramatic improvement in call hold times and queue waiting times.

“Giving staff visibility of call statistics and live client activity instantly improved productivity. Interestingly, the staff we spoke to felt the new system was great for motivation and didn’t consider it intrusive at all.” Nick Crews, Marketing and Sales Manager for Vixtel.

Existing Phone System Was Aging With Low Visibility

The client operates an inbound call centre in the heart of the city. Management had little call data as a result of an aging analogue PBX . Performance monitoring of staff in real-time was impossible.

Glass 1000 Provided The Ideal User Console

In conjunction with our Australian partner Vixtel, an IP PBX including web based management and user consoles was designed. The Glass 1000 was the perfect vehicle to deliver this real-time data to both management and staff.

The Results Speak For Themselves

The client reports phenominal results. They estimate call wait times have reduced by more than 15%. Their monthly telephony expenditure has reduced by 40%. Capital expenditure invested in the new system will be recovered by the savings in less than 12 months.

The Applications Are Only Limited By Your Imagination

Vixtel worked with the client to design a web based solution that proved to be simple and effective. With Glass 1000 you have the option of a web based platform, or develop your own Andriod apps. The Glass platform is flexible and effective.