Become a Reseller

As an authorized reseller, you can purchase CloudTC branded phones at a discount. Discounts grow as your volumes increase. For larger quantities, we offer the option of branding the phone and software with your logo.

You may have sold hundreds, even thousands of lines in the past three years. Now you can go back to those customers and offer them greatly increased productivity delivered by the Glass IP phone. Most resellers believe they can replace 10% to 20% of their previously sold phones with the Glass IP phone, especially for CEOs and Vice Presidents.

Hosted VoIP Service Providers

By offering the Glass 1000, you can run your UC client and interface portal where it belongs – on the phone. You also make your brand visible on the screen at all times. Finally, increase ARPU by offering your own value added apps or reselling ours.

IP PBX Vendors

The Glass IP phone enables you to easily rollout differentiated features that highlight the advantages of your IP PBX. Increase customer satisfaction by having these features visible on our large screen and accessible with one-touch operation.

Resellers, Systems Integrators and ISVs

Add sophistication and uniqueness with CloudTC. Create custom solutions by integrating the Glass 1000 into your IP telephony offering. Combine 3rd party Android apps or develop your own implementation through our SDK and API.

By adding your own software to the Glass IP phone, you can have a unique capability that your competitors do not have. For example, you could build a call center management system, a small law office time capture system, or a doctor’s office system that sends prescription directly to the pharmacy. The phone keeps up with your creativity.

VoIP Reseller Image